Hullebusch nv is a leading family-run business specialised in the production and commercialisation of exclusive natural stone. 

Constantly growing and expanding, Hullebusch nowadays has 3 belgian plants in Ardooie, Aarsele and Beringen. The head offices are based in Ardooie as is the extensive sawing mill, ample indoor and outdoor storage space and an inspiring showroom. The bulk of our products are tiles which are stocked mostly in Aarsele. These warehouses have allowed for extensive stocking and storage, filling our customers needs. Recently, a brand new plant in Beringen has been installed where blocks are transformed into cut to size tiles.

Our own productions facilities result in a personalised and unique touch in aged natural stone. Hullebusch nv enforces its position in the market by producing many exclusive finishes to natural stone. Uncommon and original finishes that keep surprising customers as well as architects and interior designers. Hullebusch nv is also a dealer for Caesarstone quartz surfaces. Our products’ reputation have conquered the world and is eagerly sourced in the European, American and Australian markets.

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